A lie has no legs.

He ran away so he wouldn't be caught.


Mr. Jackson gives us a lot of homework every day.

We're working to fix this bug.

I wish I could figure out how to make more money.


I don't see any damage.

I don't really want to be there.

Jakob said he thought Shutoku was on vacation.


He lost his dog.

A living dog is better than a dead lion.

Elliot accidentally bumped into Barney and apologized.

I didn't know that Jeannie had so many fans.

In this world you will have trouble.

Maria asked me to help her with her math.

She has gone to the United States.

No more, thank you. I'm full.

This is excellent wine.

No doubt he will pass the examination.

I do as little as I can to get by.

I'm sure that Susan has never been to Boston.

She won't let you leave.


I just want to be clear.

I stepped on something and cut my foot.

He had said nothing during the debate.


I couldn't make myself understood in English.

Spudboy has decided to give up.

You've had plenty of opportunities.

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Where do you think the safest place in your house would be during a tornado?

He got a new job.

I guess it's best I try to do this.

I'll see you after practice.

The language in a society is never a detail.

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Ozan works as a translator.

Hurf is lost.

I've always been a romantic at heart.

In 2009, I had graduated from high school but I still hadn't started university.

Don't interrupt people when they are talking.

I think I've been pretty lucky so far.

He who is born in Sweden is Swedish.

She lent them a hand with their luggage.

You have eaten lunch, haven't you?


What made you sad?

I'll introduce you to a nice girl.

This shirt must go to the laundry.

They will kill me.

There's a storm coming.

Six of them return.

It was a violent crime.

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It's still too early in the morning to visit anybody.

They paid little attention to my words.

Who ate the rest of the leftovers?

Why should we do what Vance says we should do?

I'll let you talk to Nathan.

Alison bought a book about cameras.

He certainly could have helped me, but didn't.


Angela is a pro.

Did you know that Jussi has three children?

I turned right.

I am right.

Brooke has been working as Juliane's chauffeur for years.


What does the place look like?

I want things the way they were.

It will cost me a lot to furnish my new apartment.


My mother can't attend.

I have a friend whose father is a famous pianist.

You're the most amazing person I've ever met.


I'm here to talk about him.

We all noticed it.

As soon as a coin in the coffer rings, the soul from purgatory springs.

Idleness often accounts for poverty.

Japan has caught up with Europe and America in medicine.

I am positive that he has finished.

He was listening to me with his eyes shining.

This happened to us, too.

Check this translation with the original.

People came from the farthest country.

Did you really break up with her over the phone? That's rude.

I followed him.

Are you trying to scare me?

Continue working.

I did not miss my purse until I returned home.

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The spectators cheered the players on.


This is all a waste of time.

He has no real friends.

I've never bought one of these before.


We don't need Hurf telling us what to do.

She was mimicking the various people in our office.

I told you something wasn't right.

Are you in need of help?

I'll do anything to make it up to you.

Where did you get that sweater? At the Salvation Army or from the trash?

Good night. Sweet dreams.

Leads didn't take a bath for a week.

Our factory is building a new chimney.

Perfection is a trifle dull.

He was in prison for life.

The post office is near the bookstore.

He said that he had met him a week ago.

You know, maybe we should buy a computer instead.

Marion didn't do anything wrong.


Moore knew that he'd be very hungry by the end of the day.

He kindly took the trouble to send me home.

Cary refused to give Dwight the money she needed.

She was hysterically crying.

The more I get, the more I want.

I want to learn Arabic.

Was it by accident or by design?

There are different points of view in the narration.

Are there any discount tickets for me?

If she had married you, she would be happy now.

You couldn't have timed it better.

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Do you want to drink some tea?

Do you want to go to Starbucks?

The two boys are much the same in English.

Every time I see you, I think of your mother.

Everybody's happy.

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Stars emanate gamma rays when they explode.


That cake is fattening.


I like the way you take care of me.

I don't like the idea, but we'll have to let him choose his team.

We have to warn her.

I hope Nadeem isn't looking for us.

They insisted on the criminal being punished.


The world is in chaos.

I'll see you to your car.

I don't know how to get home from here.

I don't understand what you're getting at.

If you're cold, come sit by the fire and warm yourself.

I finally have everything I need.

Don't give them your number.

I could get in a lot of trouble for doing this.

Let us play this game again.


Ned used a legal loophole.

How do you say "thank you" in French?

I don't know if there is time.

Rafik is getting married this fall.

That wasn't a lie.

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This is a good deal.


My career in the government includes many overseas assignments.

We're almost done for today.

I don't feel well. Please give me some medicine.

Jayesh doesn't waste time.

I'm sorry. I forgot about it.


We talk about that all the time.

The flickering black-and-white television set irritated my weary eyes.

On December 23rd 1690, John Flamsteed observed Uranus without realizing that it hadn't been discovered before.

Everyone in the city knows your family.

You do need to take a shower.


I had no idea that such individuals exist outside of stories.

I saw my friends yesterday.

Someone told you I was coming, I hope.


He went traveling in search of adventure.

I work here.

Carisa doesn't have a wife.

Klaus doesn't read anything.

I'll vouch for them.

She shouted for help, but no one came.

The baggage is insured.

Don't be too hard on Miles.

The major religions in China are Taoism, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity.

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Galen is still in high school, isn't he?

Can you help me host my website?

Tanya got back home after dark.

He laid down the gun on the floor.

I'll try my best to respond soon.


You don't look so tough.

He kept on singing.

I've got kids.

Thomas closed the shop.

The ship hasn't even docked yet.